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a square challenge

A few days ago I met up with a good friend of mine: Schmerzwelt as a sorts of goodbye as I'm moving to the UK for a year. I asked her to bring her camera so we could challenge ourselves and each other in making photos in a different way we were used to.

I had heard of a technique called the Brenizer method or simply Bokehrama  in which one would make a panorama with normally a 50mm lens with narrow depth of field. This results, eventually after stitching ,and quite some luck, in a photo with a big angle and still a narrow DoF.

After this we discussed the importance of "techniques" and "tricks" in photography. When does one become the other and when is a photo more legit or just an example of a one-trick-pony? This made me quite aware of my own tricks and left me curious to look for new perspectives in my photography. I made myself a challenge to only make (or rather export) square photos, forcing myself to use a technique I wasn't familiar with.

no bicycles please
square inception

The results involved a lot of frontal photos of walls (which I tend to make .. a lot). The next time I'll try to use the square format in other forms of photography such as landscape or urban photography. I think it's important for photographers to challenge themselves not only with new techniques but also with new concepts and perspectives so they won't become a one-trick-pony.

As I leave this blog post for you to read, I'm packing my bags. In a few days time I will be moving to Manchester to live and study there for a year; more film and photography adventures will definitely await!

to be continued...


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