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The Roaches

Going to uni, abroad, that is something very daunting but if you take your time to settle in all will be okay. And that was just what I did. Before moving in to my new flat at the edge of Manchester I dumped my stuff there and made a run for the hills... literally. 

First, I went a week to the Peak District with my folks to get used to all the Englishness and just relax a bit. This area is well known for its beautiful landscapes and the iconic "peaks". One day I went to The Roaches, a set of rock formations  well known by climbers for their excellent routes. Since I will take my rock climbing more seriously this year, I thought it was a good idea to get to know the place before I'll try some routes there. Of course I made some panoramas, the view from the peaks are wide and beautiful, definitely on the list for a revisit.

I've been in Manchester for some days now, getting everything ready for the start of my course, it is a vibrant place with neighbourhoods which really differ to all extents. This sure gives me inspiration for some new photos so stay tuned!

  • a square challenge

    A few days ago I met up with a good friend of mine: Schmerzwelt as a sorts of goodbye as I'm moving to the UK for a year. I asked her to bring her camera so we could challenge ourselves and each other making photos in a different way we were used to.

    Squirrels in the Park

    After being here in Salford (Manchester) for a couple of weeks I took the time to explore a beautiful example of urban nature, just around the corner.lies Peel Park, next to the central university campus. The park is home to a variety of species and there